You’re a multiple 6-figure or newly 7-figure online business owner.

You know you want to create legacy-level, long-term wealth.

And you’re smart, savvy, and sophisticated. So what’s up??  You feel like it’s an uphill battle at times because you’re doing the work in your business but you’re wondering where’s the money going? Am I doing this right? What am I supposed to do now?

Fact is ...

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There are just some things you just can’t do the traditional way. But you know that. Nothing you’ve done to get where you are is the “traditional path”.

So why would you trust the “traditional” financial gurus, advisors or advice to fund your non-traditional life?

Portia R. Jackson, CFP®, PhD (2) (1) (1)

I see you. I see how you’ve hustled and flowed your way to financial success in your business. Hey, I’m Portia, and I know all about what you’re going through. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me …

I’m obsessed with all things Enneagram, money and manifestation! After leaving my corporate job as a rocket scientist (yes, really! I have a PhD in Engineering), I completed a certification in Personal Financial Planning, got my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation, and helped hundreds of Fortune 500 employees as a Financial Wellness Coach at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

During that process, I still had to bring home my portion of the bacon so I built a multiple 6-figure digital marketing agency for financial advisors. It was during this time, I had to have my own come to Jesus moment and ask myself “am I fulfilled?” and “is this REALLY what God has planned for my life?” Turns out, the answer was a big, fat NO and thus my own personal journey to wealth and fulfillment continued.

And somewhere in the mix of leaving corporate gig #1, having 3 kids (and a dog), staying happily married, growing an agency, and leaving corporate gig #2, I also fell in love with the Enneagram personality test. It gave me so much personal insight on how I view and interact with the world that I just knew I had to incorporate this into my financial life coaching.

I started Wealthy and Fulfilled because I believe online business owners are a special breed of people.

We take the risk of going off the beaten path to share our gifts and talents with the world, yet, we often get so caught up in the Business that we forget the business is here to serve us, not the other way around.

But in my time in high-end masterminds and networking groups, I realized that many times these super smart, successful business owners are confused about how to transform their profits into a tool that supports their Life.

I’m here to change that.


I want online business owners to be just as successful in their personal finance as they are in their multiple 6-7 figure businesses.

I don’t want them to be afraid to spend their money because they are worried about it running out or that their success won’t last forever.

I want them to feel in control of their finances and clear on their investing strategy without falling prey to scams or be at the whim of their next launch.

I believe that true wealth isn’t a dollar amount but the joy and satisfaction that comes from living your purpose, enjoying the life you’ve been blessed with and staying in your own lane without comparing yourself to others.

Now I’ve coached hundreds of Fortune 500 employees as a Financial Wellness Coach at PricewaterhouseCoopers in creating financial abundance, clarity and confidence and now I’m doing the same for my fellow online entrepreneurs.

Let’s skip the typical B.S. that comes along with “traditional” financial planning and wealth management. I don’t sell any products. I don’t charge any fees. I’ve structured my business with your best interest (haha, see what I did there) in mind.

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What others are saying...


I never knew finances could be so much fun!

Portia takes what is typically a dry, boring topic and turns it into a lighthearted yet productive session that really shows not only her expertise as a financial planner but also her relatability to the specific struggles and challenges that come with being an online business owner. If you’re looking for someone to help you turn your profits into a fab life, then Portia is the woman to work with.

Tony Delicia

Working with Portia to help us get our finances together has been such a relief.

She is so relatable and non-judgmental when it comes to money and really helped us work through how we even talk about money with each other. Portia and her work are amazing.


I (finally) feel empowered and confident about our family finances with all things debt management, saving, spending and investing.

Portia, thank you, you are amazing!

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Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me

You should know that my approach for you is unique in that …

I’m not just a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, I’m also an online business owner

I’m a former rocket scientist and let me tell ya, they don’t just hand out PhDs like candy on Halloween

I integrate the Enneagram so you can understand money and create your plan based on your personality (and your partner/spouse if applicable)

I focus on teaching you about money, not just blindly doing it for you. This allows you to save time and money

I fill the gap on what to do after your business starts making money and living your fulfilled life where money is an afterthought

So if you’re ready to experience true financial abundance and security in a way that custom-fit to you, let’s talk.

Click below to read more about how we can work together.

So if you’re ready to experience true financial abundance and security in a way that custom-fit to you, let’s talk.

Click below to read more about how we can work together.

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