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Transform Your Business Profits Into

A Wealthy And Fulfilled Life

I help online entrepreneurs take the money your business makes and use it to be, do, and have whatever you want in life.

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Here’s the thing ...

Building a business is not the same as building wealth through business.

(Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?)

Smart entrepreneurs know that even if  you have the most successful business ever, real wealth is knowing how to make the money you’ve worked so hard to earn, work hard for you.

If you’re:

Feeling lost on what kind of lifestyle you want and what it costs to do so

Needing someone to help clear the confusion around finances

Wanting to match your lifestyle desires with your business growth plans

Then you’re in the right place!

Transform your business profits into legacy-level, long-term wealth so you can fund your wealthy, free and fulfilled life.

Use your money to design a life you love that’s uniquely yours and funded by your business and investments.

Because I believe that when online business owners are financially free, they can redirect that energy to fulfilling their God-given purpose .

I care about you. I care about your life. I care about your financial abundance.

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You can design a lifestyle

that’s uniquely yours, totally fulfilling, and funded by your business and investments.

Here’s How It Works:

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Understand Your Money Personality

First, we determine your financial fingerprint. Essentially, how & why you interact with money so we can design a wealth-building system that is custom-built for YOU, not the masses.

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Build Your Money Systems

Then, we build a financial foundation for sustainable wealth to help you create, grow and protect your wealth that doesn’t suck up all of your time, cause you to throw your hands up in the air (out of frustration, not because you don’t care).

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Train Your Money Mindset

Finally, we train your mind for next-level success through my step-by-step process to consistently transform your desires into your reality.

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Want to discover your wealth-building superpower? 

Grab the guide with just a name and email!

Hey there! I’m Portia!

Founder of Wealthy and Fulfilled

I’m a financial life coach for online business owners like you. You should know, that while I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, I’m not your typical suit-and-tie planner (#teamleggings) and my methods aren’t typical either.

Basically, I believe that it’s time to put the PERSONAL back into personal financial planning and that starts with YOU. Designing your finances around your life, rather than making your life fit into your finances. Living a life that’s truly juicy and fulfilling to YOU, not caring that your dream life may look different than someone else. Do you boo.

Your fears, your desires, your personality, your legacy. Putting your financial power back in YOUR hands without wasting time, wasting money (helloooooo fees!) or wasting energy.

Simply put, I’ll help you live your dream life where you are both wealthy and fulfilled (so all you do is win, win, win no matter what!)


What people are saying ...


Portia has such a unique and personal way of approaching finances and wealth-building for entrepreneurs.

Portia guides entrepreneurs on how to make the most of their money in a way that works for them, without the guilt, shame or embarrassment that usually surrounds money.


Portia’s approachable manner paired with her years of online business experience and financial expertise take the intimidation factor out of planning for the future.

She helped me see how I don’t have to be a genius Wall Street trader in order to make sure my finances can survive the storms of life. Portia took a subject that has always been scary (and, let’s be honest, shame-inducing for some of us), and she turned it into something palatable, and more importantly, achievable.


She knows so much information but is able to talk about it and make it super easy to understand.

Portia is my go-to financial coach when it comes to money, hands down. She knows so much information but is able to talk about it and make it super easy to understand. And now that she’s combined the Enneagram with her financial genius, it makes talking with my boyfriend about money so much easier.